Playing baseball with a stick and foam ball

This is my Mom. You can’t see her because she is playing outfield (and taking the picture).   She was at a sportscamp in the DR which was for teens.    The place was swarming with little kids wanting to participate.  My mom found a stick to use as a bat and had brought foam balls to play with.    She organized teams that occupied the boys and girls while they all aspired to one day be part of the older sportscamp.   My mom speaks very little spanish, but like music, games are like a universal language.   That day, despite their differences, TOGETHER they learned to play, laugh, share, take turns,  be a  team and love one another.



How it all began…

As a 16 year old Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy athlete I may love to play basketball but my passion is in the Dominican Republic.    Having now been on two  mission trips, it is there that I fell in love with the Haitian and Dominican people.  With two more trips planned in the next 12 months I am on a mission.  It matters not whether I am distributing food, building shelters, playing streetball  or just loving on kids, I intend on making a difference.

When my Aunt who works for Accuray shared a corporate challenge with me, my heart and mind went to work.   The corporate challenge was to make something big out of $100.00.

Being a baller myself, I recognized that having a ball is like gold to a Haitian child.   I also know that my former coach has a connection with a sports store and that just maybe I could get a good deal on $100 worth of balls.   When I approached him, he matched my $100 and went to work on finding a discount supplier.    As others heard about my challenge they threw in a $100.   After doing the math I realized that if just 40 people gave $100 I would have enough to buy 10,000 balls.

My hope is to provide these balls to missionary teams who have traveling sports camps in the Haitian Villages and that every child can take home a ball of their own.   So like the fishes and the loaves, I trust that God will multiply that $100 through donations enough to provide 10,000 balls to Haitian Villages.

To be a part of the 10,000 Ball Challenge for Haitian Villages, tax deductible contributions in any amount can be sent to Crosspoint Alliance Church at 855 Rothrock Rd, Akron, OH 44321. Please mark in Memo section  “10,000 Ball Challenge” To Check our progress, check back, I will be posting our results.

Thank you for teaming up with me.

Deadline – August 31, 2012.