1,300 Balls deployed to Haitian Villages by Meeting God In Baseball

Last week 1.300 balls were packed with a team of people going to the Dominican Republic.   This organization, Meeting God in Baseball, goes to Haitian and Dominican villages to share the love of God through the game of baseball .

As they packed up used mitts, balls, baseball bats and catchers gear they were determined to make room for tennis balls.   As I loaded the SUV with 1,300 tennis balls I wondered just  how many they could take.  I was surprised later that night when the text came and all 1,300 were packed.

But the best surprise of all was when the photos were posted to the facebook page.  You see,  only a few pictures were taken but 1 of the 5 was a photo of a little boy that I dearly love and spend much time with when I am there in a village over 90 minutes by cattle truck  from civilization.

Meet 4 year old Juansito.


So what is the likelihood of Meeting God in Baseball going to his village and taking a picture of him getting a ball?  Its as though God gave me a gift.   Its as though God perfectly orchestrated a series of people and events to put the ball in the hands of one that I personally love.  That was not a coincidence.  Not sure if you have ever had an encounter like that with God but it definately stopped me in my tracks.   He loves me that much that!

There is much greater joy in the giving than in the receiving!   Juansito you are precious to me.   Thank you Lord!


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