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To be a part of the 10,000 Ball Challenge for Haitian Villages, tax deductible contributions in any amount can be sent to Crosspoint Alliance Church at 855 Rothrock Rd, Akron, OH 44321. Please mark in Memo section  “10,000 Ball Challenge” To Check our progress, check back, I will be posting our results.

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Wisdom for the Day

Proverbs 16:9- In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.

A Divine Appointment

So the other day my Mom and I ran into a neighbor down the street who happens to be a tennis pro at a nearby club.   She knew I had been on a mission trip and asked me how it went.   She proceeded to tell me that she knew that balls were treasured by little kids and that if I ever needed any they have boxes full of gently used tennis balls that they are willing to donate.    Here is the amazing part….. She knew nothing about 10,000 Ball Challenge for Haitian Villages. I love how God orchestrates people and things for His greater good

Over 50 Kids Get Baptized on Baseball Field Following Gospel Message

In January 2012 in a remote village where athletes trained in hopes of a better life,  Meeting God In Missions (MGM) brought a  traveling baseball camp to help the cause.   As 100’s of kids and teens showed up, coaches went to work teaching them baseball and life skills

Following the camp the athletes sit and listen, with the help of an interpreter a  message about priorities in life.   First God, second family, third education and fourth sports.  If you think that reaching out to the lost through sports is unimportant then you will want to take note of this.   Over 50 kids and teens made a public profession of their choice to follow Christ.   Yes right their on the baseball field, they came forward one by one to make their decision known.    I can only imagine how the angels rejoiced!

Playing baseball with a stick and foam ball

This is my Mom. You can’t see her because she is playing outfield (and taking the picture).   She was at a sportscamp in the DR which was for teens.    The place was swarming with little kids wanting to participate.  My mom found a stick to use as a bat and had brought foam balls to play with.    She organized teams that occupied the boys and girls while they all aspired to one day be part of the older sportscamp.   My mom speaks very little spanish, but like music, games are like a universal language.   That day, despite their differences, TOGETHER they learned to play, laugh, share, take turns,  be a  team and love one another.